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Frequently Asked Questions

We've got answers below to common questions

Returns are accepted within 14 days from the order delivery date. Returns are subject to restocking fees of 15% of the purchase price and return shipping fees.

Any trailers good for 10 feet to 12 feet small boats would work for JetAngler and KayakGT. Trailers for jet skies are okay but you need to move the winch stand forward to make it longer. Our kayaks are about 1 foot longer than typical personal watercrafts.

We don’t provide any additional accessories. You are encouraged to have paddles and a trolling motor. The mounting bases/rails fit to standard accessories, such as Phone bracket, GPS bracket, paddle supports, fishing rod mounting brackets, etc.
Adding accessories does not void warranty. However, please be cautious to avoid any damage to hulls.

Our products can be used in shoals. Just make sure that the hull does not hit the stones. If the hull rubs against the stones, there will be scratches on the surface. For puncture, you can repair it like most Fiberglass hulls. Use commonly used resistant resin, fiberglass cloth and GELCOAT are okay.

Motor: 15 HP, 4 stroke single cylinder engine. Speed up to 27 MPH
Weight: 249 lbs , 114 kg
Dimensions: 142″ x 38″ , 360 x 96 cm
Load capacity of 350 lbs, 160 KG
Speed: 25-27 mph ( 40 – 44 km/h )
Range: 40 miles ( 65 km )
Recommended Max. Load: 350 lbs


15 HP, 4 stoke single cylinder engine. Speed up to 35 MPH, 56 KM/H
Dimensions: 113,4″ x 28,5″ x 16,1″ 288 x 72,5 x 41 cm
Dry weight: 183 lbs – 83 kg
Recommended Max. Load: 250 lbs – 114 kg
Max. speed: 35 mp/h, 56 km/h3,
7 gallon ( 14 L ) petrol tank: approximate 160 km range
Fuel consumption per hour at full throttle (Top speed) : 5L per hour
Fuel consumption per hour at 2/3 throttle (Cruising speed): 2.8L per hour.

17.5 hp four – stroke jet engine is located directly behind the operator and is easily accessible for maintenance. The engine runs on gasoline and is ethanol compliant. It is electric start with a 3.7 gallon fuel capacity giving you a 35 – 40 mile range. The engine is serviceable by most PWC, motorcycle, or small engine repair facilities.

Yes, floating grass mats will clog the engine intake and need to be removed.
Not built in. It is possible to mount an auxiliary batter to run a portable unit.

The transducer can be epoxied to the hull inside the engine compartment. Wires can be run through the bulkhead along with current wire routing to the center console. There is a spot for a universal kayak accessory mount on the top of the center console where the unit can be mounted. All external electronics need to run on their own power source, boat battery is strictly for engine cranking.

You can order directly from this website. Or you can buy from your regional dealer .
Yes, They are considered PWC by the Coast Guard (and TXPWD here in Texas).

All external electronics should run off a secondary power source. There is plenty of space in the engine compartment to mount a battery tray.

Please contact with our worldwide distributor: U-BON Holding LTD. Email:hysports_martin@hotmail.com
We are happy to ship to California. However, California has a unique and restrictive EPA standard that would apply to this boat. We do not believe that we are in compliance with this standard. We are EPA certified for the other 49 states.
Small chop for short periods of time is fine. Our boat is 12 feet long so it was not intended for rough water use.

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